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Are you interested to know what plane is above you in the sky or you want to track a friend or loved one use our free and real-time Fly Radar. Click on the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the Fly Radar, enter the airport, flight, airline or registration and press enter. After that, the plane will be automatically tracked. You will see a huge amount of information like the distance of the flight, the arrival time, the departure time and much more!

The last few years flying has become much cheaper than before. Especially flights within Europe dropped in price because of airlines like WizzAir, EasyJet and Ryanair. Another advantage of low prices is that meeting customers abroad is also possible for smaller businesses. Also, airplanes are getting bigger and fuel prices are low. Because all of this the skies are now fuller than ever!

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What is a Fly Radar?

The possibilities of a Fly Radar are nearly endless. You can track passenger planes from all over the World from your computer, telephone or tablet. The flight radar is totally free and has no limitations, so you can track all the flights that are in the sky! With the help of the Fly Radar you can check the whereabouts of your family, friends or colleagues! The flight radar can do this because all planes have transmitters that send all information to the tracker. In the public interest all this information is available freely for everyone who wants to use it. Because all the information is stored online you can find the information you need all over the globe!

A lot of information can be found in the Fly Radar! After you selected a plane on the map or found one with the magnifying glass you can find a photo of the plane with all the information you can dream of. Also, a line is drawn to from airport the plane has left to the destination. If you select an airport you will see all the planes that departed from or arriving at that specific airport.

How does it work tracking flights via internet?

Nowadays nearly all commercial airplanes have ADS-B sensors on board. The original purpose of the Fly Radar sensors was so that flight control could see where the planes are in the sky. These sensors provide much better information over the whereabouts of the planes than normal radar. Military aircraft cannot be tracked due to safety risks.

The sensor data is publically available for everyone who has the specialized hardware to do so. Our Fly Radar solved all these problems for you and made it very easy to track flights! The Flightradar24 map above is the most advanced flight radar available to date. Without any special equipment and just your telephone, laptop or tablet you can follow all the flights in the sky and on the ground.

Different Fly Radars

In this modern era there are a lot of different flight radars that can be used for tracking flights. All flight trackers have their own style, looks and feel. Below are the most used flight radars.



Flightradar24 has the most extensive information about planes, airports and arrival times. The Fly Radar also shows day- and night time on the radar making it a very good choice for tracking flights. When you click on an aircraft you see a plethora of information including, a photo, altitude, arrival time, departure time and many more. If the free information is not enough you can choose to take one of the three payed subscriptions. The first one is silver, this subscription will cost you $1.49 per month or $9,99 per year for that money you will get full aircraft details, the possibility to use ten bookmarks and much more! The second option is the gold subscription, here you will get the option of 20 bookmarks also you get full flight details, more extensive weather information and more. The prices are $3.99 per month or $34.99 per year. The last and best subscription is the business subscription besides all the information that the other 2 subscriptions have you can also playback all the flight information for one year. Other cool features as full weather options (clouds, lightning, rain etc) are all included. The pricing is much higher at $49.99 per month or $499.99 per year.



If you use Radarbox24 you will see that it has of the most appealing, fast and clear interfaces of all Fly Radars. After clicking on an aircraft you instantly see all the information you can dream of. Radarbox24 also has very clear signs for the airports, if you click on them you will see all the arrival and departure times. If you are really passionate about Flyradar you can even buy your own ADS-B receiver and antenna and help to improve the coverage.


Last but not least, this flyradar is most likely the least known of the three. This flight tracker however is very good and has extensive information about flights and airports. Like flightradar24 it also shows day and night in realtime! also has several apps like: Planefinder, Shipfinder, Flight Finder and Airline Finder. If you are an Android user you are out of luck only Plane Finder is available for you. The rest of the applications are for IOS (Apple). Find out for yourself which of the three radars you like the best! You can find them all on our site.