Flight Tracking – Follow your Flights LIVE on Flightradar Online

For decades it was impossible for you to track any commercial flight you would like. Nowadays with the help of thousands of transponders on the ground and high speed internet, anyone can turn its computer or phone into a flight tracker with ease! This is not only very handy when you would like to know when someone is landing, but it’s also great fun for people to see which planes are flying in the sky right now! With the help of all the flight tracking services such as Flightradar24, this is now very easy to do!

Online flight number check

  • Live Flight tracker - Flight status
  • Arrival and departure terminal
  • Arrival and departure gate
  • Baggage belt information

  • Scheduled
  • Estimated

  • Scheduled
  • Estimated

Airport information

  • Terminal
  • Gate
  • Delay

  • Terminal
  • Gate
  • Delay
  • Baggage

Latitude graph

  • latitude
  • longitude
  • Direction
  • Speed Horizontal
  • Speed Vertical
  • Is ground

The flight tracker above is really easy to use, you can use the search-function to search by:


Flight Number






Aircraft registration

What does it mean to track a flight?

When you are tracking a flight you are using a flight radar to track a flight to its destination. Using ADS-B transponders aircraft are shown on the online flight radar. There are a lot of different types of aircraft that are tracked. The most common are:

Commercial Aircraft


Cargo Aircraft


Private Aircraft



Which services are available to track a flight?

There are lots of services nowadays to track online flights. In the underlying table we have collected some relevant information of the most important flight tracking systems for you to see which service is best for your needs. From this table you can see that Flightradar24 has the most comprehensive dataset, and that’s why it’s also the most popular flight tracking service. People who are not comfortable with the English language can use the service of FlightAware.
Flight Tracker Service # Airlines Tracked # Aircraft Tracked Coverage Language Free Service
Flightradar24 962 34589 Worldwide ENG Yes
Radarbox24 955 32478 Worldwide ENG Yes
OpenSky Network 930 30654 Worldwide ENG Yes
FlightAware 855 30552 Worldwide ENG and most common languages (17) Yes

What does it cost to track a flight?

As you can see in the previous table the most well-known flight tracking services allow you to use their service for free. But mostly they then limit the amount of information you get to see on a specific flight and you get advertisements on their website. If you are a flight enthusiast it would be smart to check out their paid service which gives you access to a lot more data such as cruise speed and outside temperature. Check out their websites to see if there is a package that would fit your needs.

Are the positions of the aircraft you want to track always accurate?

The GPS location of an aircraft on the flight radar is mostly accurate. Especially on land when the aircraft in in range of an ADS-B receiver on the ground. In Europe and North America there are thousands of these receivers, so there is almost always a receiver in place as the range of a receiver is between 250 and 450 kilometers. Outside of the range of a transponder, the location of the aircraft estimated by calculation.

Which Aircraft types are tracked the most?

There are a lot of different Aircraft that are tracked by the different Flight Trackers. We created a top 9 list for you of the most Tracked Aircraft.
# Aircraft Type # Aircraft
1 Boeing 737 Family ~ 7000
2 Airbus A320 Family ~ 7000
3 Boeing 777 ~ 1800
4 Airbus A330 ~ 1500
5 Boeing 767 ~ 800
6 Boeing 757 ~ 750
7 Boeing 717 ~ 720
8 Boeing 747 ~ 600
9 Boeing 787 ~ 500

Which airlines can you track?

It is possible to track almost any commercial airline! We will sum up some popular airlines for you which you can track.
  • American Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Flybe
  • Delta Airlines
  • Ryanair
  • Easyjet
  • Air France

Who would use LIVE flight tracking?

Most people who use flight tracking are individuals who want to know where a plane is of someone they know and when it’s scheduled to land or take-off. The only thing you need is a flight number to see all of the information an average user would need. But in which circumstances would people want to track a flight? We listed some for you:
  • You need to pickup a client from the airport and want to know the exact time the aircraft lands.
  • When a loved one is travelling to the other side of the world and you want to know if the aircraft is experiencing any delays, or are just curious where the plane is now.
  • When the weather is bad and you want to know if the weather is influencing the flight schedules.
  • You see a plane above your head in the sky and want to know what its destination is! It’s really cool apportunity for everyone who need to now what’s plane is arrived.

Is Flight tracking still hot in 2019?

Yes! Each and every year there are more flights being tracked by the different services. Partly because services such as Flightradar24 are expanding their coverage of transponders worldwide, but also because worldwide the Aircraft industry is still growing every year by a huge amount! So naturally there are also more people who would be interested in tracking a flight.The table below will demonstrate this for you.
Year Passengers boarded by airlines worldwide
2005 2.14 billion
2006 2.26 billion
2007 2.45 billion
2008 2.49 billion
2009 2.48 billion
2010 2.70 billion
2011 2.86 billion
2012 3.00 billion
2013 3.14 billion
2014 3.27 billion
2015 3.57 billion
2016 3.82 billion
2017 4.09 billion
2018 4.34 billion
2019 4.59 billion
2020 4.72 billion* est
As you can see the number of passengers that are flying worldwide is accelerating rapidly. The reason for this is the worldwide economy is booming for the past few years. But also that the people the people in less developed countries are becoming more wealthy and thus have more access to flying.