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Asheville Is the Place to Be for a Great Vacation

If you want to fly into the area and look at the stunning mountains surrounding Asheville, NC, you might consider a light jet. These jets are nimble enough to handle the approaches into the major airport in town. Or maybe you’d like to fly into one of the smaller local reliever airports like Hendersonville. There are many great options for flying here because of all the breathtaking mountainous terrain that makes for a beautiful descent! The HondaJet Elite S is the perfect option for buyers in the market for a high-performance, eco-friendly luxury aircraft. The HondaJet Elite S, a light jet built in North Carolina near Asheville, has been lauded for its performance and design. The original HondaJet garnered praise when it first came out in a 2016 Innovation Awards category, and the FLYING reported it had been improved since coming out into production. John is a jet pilot, and he’s been able to fly his HondaJet Elite S successfully up to 160,000 feet. What’s key about the plane is how quickly it can take off and reach its top speed. One catch? It has a landing distance of less than 3,500 feet; in other words, it’s one of the shortest takeoff distances you’ll find at 5,300 pounds because it has powerful engines on top of the wings. The Garmin G3000 integrated avionics suite has upgraded to a more precise graphics processor, along with tools like graphical weight and balance. In the back, the Garmin’s Flight Stream 510 can be used to connect an aircraft’s audio system to an iPad, allowing for updates of flight plans and wireless database transfers.

A Step Up: Phenom 100EV

The Embraer Phenom 100EV has all the luxuries you would expect – like a maximum range of 1,178 nm and even a welcome basket – and will make the trip on time. The Embraer Phenom 100EV is a new aircraft that allows for multiple pilots and all of the benefits of a turbine-powered aircraft. This turboprop is manufactured by Embraer, a company that has been building impressive jets for decades. It’s especially useful if you’re constantly flying from your home hangar to KAVL – and your trip takes more than eight hours – with its maximum range of 1,178 nm. The Phenom 100 EV is fast, with a maximum cruise speed of 406 knots or up to 0.70 Mach. It has a takeoff distance of 3,190 feet and a landing distance of 2,430 feet and it will quickly get you where you’re going at the airport in Asheville. The mounted engine features Pratt & Whitney PW617F1-E turbofan engines and on the flight deck is the Prodigy Touch avionics suite that includes Garmin touchscreen displays and other safety features.

Tecnam P2010

As a great general-purpose airplane, Tecnam’s P2010 comes with a series of engine choices. You know you’ve found the one that meets your mission needs when you’ve chosen Tecnam. The plane is great for a trip to the Asheville area with trips lasting three hours or more. It will cruise at 137 ktas and carry up to 893 pounds, producing 10 gph of power. This Garmin G1000 NXi certified parachute with a carbon-fiber construction is a great option for jumpers that want to get the job done quickly and without any hassle. With a 1,709 foot landing distance, this is the type of parachute you should definitely get!

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