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How Does It Feel To Travel By Plane For The First Time?

Flying has always been one of the greatest dreams of the human being. Perhaps, this is because a long time ago, it was a privilege reserved only for birds. Flying is almost prohibited for our species until the Wright brothers turned their dreams and imagination into something tangible that gave us people the opportunity to cross the skies. Yes, flying for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. Each airport is a different world. However, the processes are essentially the same. Today, I want to share some tips that will help you a lot to prepare your first airplane flight and avoid any setback. Once you take your first flight, your fear will disappear.

1. Before traveling for the first time by plane

I am pretty sure one night before, you will begin to feel nausea in your stomach that will not let you sleep, and you will not stop hearing that voice in your head. You are wondering if you have packed the right thing in each suitcase. If you travel using airlines, you should never forget to prepare your visa. If you don’t have one yet, you can get it online at electronicvisa24.com. Now, here’s what you can do before your first flight:

Arrive on time for your first plane trip

Although some people overlook it, it is very important to arrive in advance at the airport. This way, you have enough time before boarding your first flight. There is extra time to carry out the documentation and the necessary paperwork if you travel abroad. The most advisable thing is that if it is a national flight, you arrive two hours before. While for international destinations, four hours is the best. This is because the rows to check luggage can be very long. Have you arrived on time? Well, I recommend that the first thing you need to do is to locate the area where the counters for documentation located. Many airports have more than one terminal, in the reservation, look at which terminal the airline is. Once there, come and show your identity documents, this process is known as documentation or check-in. Although currently many airlines do not ask for your printed reservation, we recommend you take it for any situation that arises. Your airline’s ground staff will review your documents and give you a printed ticket (boarding pass) while weighing your luggage.

About your Luggage

Airlines have a weight limit for each of your bags. There are many restrictions, according to the rate you have purchased. Do not forget to put an identifier to your bags with your data and put padlocks to prevent someone else from opening them.

Security filters

Before arriving at the room where you will board your flight, it is necessary to cross the safety filters. These are nothing more than a review measure to ensure your well-being and that of other passengers within the airport facilities. You will surely wonder what an airport security filter is. So, to enter the waiting room, you must go through a metal detector and it scans your suitcase by X-rays. I recommend you to wear comfortable shoes and a light jacket, as well as a bag or suitcase where you have very well located your electronic devices (digital cameras, computer, cell phone, tablet, cables, batteries) as they will ask you to take them out of your hand luggage and place them on a tray to pass them through X-rays.

What products are allowed to carry in hand luggage?

You can bring liquids no larger than 100 ml. These are creams, hair gel, mousse, perfumes, blockers, makeup, shampoo, toothpaste, oils, serums and deodorants. Although some are not necessarily liquid, they fall into this category.

Where should I pack medications?

Always carry them in your carry-on luggage. If you take a controlled medication, take the prescription.

Boarding gate to your first flight

What a thrill! The tickle in the stomach grows as you go through each process. Once you have passed the filters with your ticket in hand, approach the airport screens and see the door assigned to your flight. It is important that you do not get too distracted. You must arrive a little before the scheduled boarding time. There are very large airports and you may not have time to cross all the doors before reaching yours.

2. During the flight

You are on top of the plane now. You are ready for your first flight! It wasn’t that hard, right? You can get excited. The following tips will be easier.

Locate your seat and know your area

A personal suggestion that I give you is to sit on a seat near the window. From there, you will see images that you will never forget. Depending on the rate you have purchased, the seat will be included, and in others, it has an extra cost. If it is your first time, it is worth paying that extra. If you are afraid to fly or nerve to look out the window, choose a seat near the aisle. Locating your seat will be very easy. If you look up, you will see the hand luggage compartments. Just below, you will find the seat number and letter marked. Did you find it? Now place your hand luggage in the luggage storage. If it is not very large, you may place it under the front seat. Sit down, fasten your belt, watch the safety video and look again at the top Over there, you will find three buttons: the one of the air conditioner, the alert for the flight attendant, a reading light, as well as the signs of no smoking and when to fasten your seat belt

Enjoy takeoff

You will never forget your first takeoff. It is at this point where it is normal to feel nervous, but think that your first plane ride is like riding a roller coaster. That emptiness in the stomach is nothing more than the happiness you will get from the incredible vacation. You are now conquering heaven!

Onboard entertainment

In seconds, you will be in the air. Now, what to do while you arrive at your destination? A book is always a good companion, but if you get bored,  airlines often offer other options such as a huge musical portfolio and movies. Sometimes, they even provide the ability to surf the Internet. No matter what you decide, the important thing is that your experience is as enjoyable as possible.

3. The landing

The captain will give an announcement approximately 30 to 40 minutes before landing. This is the moment where you should start preparing for your arrival. If your flight is international, make sure you fill out the required immigration form and have all your identification documents secured. If you do not know any data or have doubts about how to fill out the form, ask the surcharges. Do not feel pity about it! They will help you with pleasure. Then, another tingle will come in the stomach, while the landing gear goes down, you will hear some noises. Do not panic; it is normal! You are arriving at your destination!

Check your belongings

Before leaving the plane completely,  check very well that nothing has fallen out of your hand luggage in the upper compartment or on the ground. Check out the floor and the magazine bag.

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