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IconNovember 13th, 2022
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Urbe Aero’s Newest Aircraft, the Diamond Aircraft, Is a Great Addition to Their Fleet

Urbe Aero Flight Academy in Rome, Italy, announces that it has taken an order for seven new Diamond Aircraft DA40 NG piston single-engine aircraft and one DA42-VI piston twin. Diamond’s new aircraft are equipped with Garmin G1000 NXi plexiglass cockpits and propelled by the efficient, eco-friendly engines that consume up to fifty percent less lead-free fuel. They operate with a lower noise signature than conventional avgas fueled planes. There’s a massive shortfall for pilots in South Asia. But now the demand is met – and exceed – with the arrival of Urbe Aero. The growth of the company over the last decade, including the increased number of young pilots we’ve been able to prepare for major airlines, is clear evidence of a basic solidity and high-level service. With this investment, our fleet will reach 19 Diamond aircraft – seven DA20-C1s, nine DA40 NG s and three DA42-VIs.

The new aircraft allows the flight school to cope with current and future partnership opportunities with European airlines

Urbe Aero Flight Academy has been a fixture in Europe’s aviation industry for more than 20 years. They have grown from an aircraft dealer to a flight academy and maintenance service provider over time. They are based at the Rome Urbe Airport (LIRU) and are approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The company operates a fleet of 11 modern single-engine and twin-engine diamond DA20, DA40, and DA42 airplanes with Garmin glass-cockpit avionics. Their facility also features two flight simulators; one configured as a diamond DA42 and one configured as a Boeing 737NG used by airlines for pilot selection.

Urbe Aero Group, who is an Australian company, has affiliates operating in Austria, Germany, and Croatia

Urbe Aero Flight Academy has been hugely benefiting from operating aircraft by the same manufacturer for both single-engine and multiengine training. Fleet commonality offers them more advantages, such as reduced system standardization, rapid student transition, and reduced inventory costs. We’re happy to see their successful development, and proud to be a part of this exciting journey for the aviation industry. Diamond Aircraft has a focus on creating machines that are highly customizable. When you’re looking for the most complete line of piston aircraft, you’ve come to the right place. Its dedicated flight training concepts with single-engine piston and multiengine piston trainers make it easy to learn how to fly. Plus, its proprietary jet-fuel-powered engines and type-specific flight training simulators give students a competitive edge when they get in the cockpit.

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