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30 Passengers With Fake COVID Test Results caught in Canada

Canadian Authorities have caught at least 30 people attempting to enter the country with fake COVID test results. As part of new travel requirements, everyone entering Canada is expected to have taken a COVID-19 molecular test.

Since the lockdown and travel restrictions have been relaxed globally, it is now a requirement in most countries that travellers take a COVID-19 test before travelling. Since last year, a negative test result is now needed to be granted entry into countries. Nonetheless, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has disclosed that as many as 30 people have failed to take the test and have tried to gain entry into Canada using false documents.

Since January 7th, Canadian airport authorities have apprehended 10 people for possessing fake COVID test results. The requirement of a test result also applies to Canada’s land border with the United States of America. Since February 15th, more than 20 people have tried to get past the border using falsified test results.

Speaking about the matter in a statement, the CBSA said,

“The CBSA is aware that fraudulent COVID-19 test results are being produced and that some travellers may attempt to use such fraudulent documentation when seeking entry to Canada. The CBSA works closely with domestic and international partners to detect and intercept such documents as early as possible in the travel continuum.”

“CBSA is also working closely with Transport Canada (TC), whose relationship with air carriers is key in identifying suspect documents before travellers land on Canadian soil via air mode.”
The CBSA also stated that about 99% of travellers arriving in Canada by air or land have legal documents. However, there is still a possibility of some people evading them.

In February, Transport Canada fined two passengers 10,000 and 7,000 Canadian dollars respectively after they tested positive for the coronavirus. The passengers had attempted to enter the country with fake test results, but they were arrested.

Canada’s Quarantine Act stipulates that anyone caught with fake test results could be fined as much as CA$750,000 and spend six months in prison. Suppose such a person transmits the virus in Canada after entering under false pretenses. In that case, they could be fined CA$1 million and face three years in prison.

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