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Air Greenland Recently Completed a Christmas Delivery for Their A330-800 Aircraft

How will you get to Greenland this Christmas? Consider the next-generation Airbus A330-800 nonstop from New York City! The aircraft just completed its customer acceptance flight, and the airline plans to push it into service as soon as possible to replace its aging fleet.

Customer acceptance flight

One company, Air Greenland, provides pilots and cabin staff to test aircraft before they are delivered. A “customer acceptance flight” is conducted once the plane has been completely fabricated and is good to go. The purpose of this flight is to provide feedback and ensure that the device performs as expected throughout every stage of testing. In this instance, the carrier sent their pilots and cabin crew to Airbus’s production facility in France for a pre-delivery test. Airbus has completed four test flights of the new aircraft registered F-WWCR. The fourth was a local flight that returned to TLS without stopping at any other airport. This is the first time the aircraft flew and it made its first successful flight on October 25th. It went idle for about a month before undergoing two more test flights on November 17th and 19th. Airbus gave the new plane its stamp of approval, and Greenland Airlines began testing it themselves one month later.

Delayed delivery

In late 2020, Air Greenland ordered the A330-800 to replace one of its aging A330-200 aircraft. It became the fourth airline to order the aircraft, following Kuwait Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, and Uganda Airlines. The new A330-800 was scheduled to be delivered during the fourth quarter of 2021, but due to worldwide industry delays, delivery will have to be delayed until 2022. The airplane is finally prepared to join Air Greenland’s fleet after a year-long delay. The initial delivery was scheduled to take place back in 2019, but due to the global pandemic and supply chain slowdowns, it has taken almost that long to develop and deliver a new aircraft. Production has since resumed, but on a limited scale due to factory health and company supply chain shortages. Airbus had to learn more advanced manufacturing techniques that they’re still using today while also maintaining fuel efficiency in their aircraft. Pilot version of the new aircraft will be delivered to Air Greenland and its current registration will be changed out for OY-GKN. This license agreement with Airbus will take place during August, September and October, so Air Greenland won’t have to worry about being bumped on a specific route by an older A330. These new aircraft are scheduled to fly long-haul flights. And because these planes operate less expensively, Air Greenland believes this will allow them to increase their profit margins and turn around a higher profit from every ticket sold from their small airline.  

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