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Almost no British Airways flights due to strikes

For a number of days after each other there were almost no British Airways flights. This was the case because pilots were on strike. Practically all members of the employee’s agencies are involved.

The reaction of British Airways

British Airways stated that it had almost no information about the numbers of pilots that were going to participate in the strike. They also did not know whch individual pilots would still be flying. Therefore, it had no other choice but to cancel almost all of the flights. Even after the strikes had ended it still took some extra time for British Airways to get things back to normal again. New strikes are planned for next week.

The reason for the strikes

The corporation behind the pilots says that the strikes are intended as a wake-up call for the airline to get back to negotiations. It states that it is still open to continue the negotiations with the airline. This has been the first strike by pilots in the history of British Airways. The issue is primarily regarding the salaries of the pilots. The consequences for the passengers were severe. Thousands of passengers were no longer able to reach their destinations. Flights from BA CityFlyer were still able to fly. Those passengers travel from London City Airport. Flights from other franchise partners also proceeded as usually. These included flights from Sun-Air in Denmark and Comair from South-Africa. The costs for British Airways are very high. In fact, the loss for the airline was approximately 44,5 million euro’s per day.    

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