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Delta flight descends 30.000 feet (9000 meters) in 8 minutes

A Delta flight that was en route from Atlanta to Ford Lauderdale was forced to descend 30.000 feet (9000 meters) in 8 minutes time. After that, it made an emergency landing at the airport of Tampa in Florida. Fortunately, this all happened under control of the pilots.

Problems with the aircraft lead to emergency landing

As of now it is unsure if lack of cabin pressure was the reason for the pilots to descend this fast. It is a fact that the pilots received an alarming message that the cabin pressure had dropped and that the oxygen masks had come down. Quickly, the pilots decided to descend the plane to a level below 10.000 feet. Below that point, cabin pressure is no longer an issue. 16 minutes after the pilots started the descend, the aircraft arrived safely at Tampa airport in Florida. The aircraft was inspected upon arrival but the results are yet to be made public. The plane (Delta flight 2353) had departed just before 4 P.M from the airport in Atlanta. Just an hour later the incident happened over Tampa.

The passengers

Fortunately, none of the passengers were harmed, despite the fact that there was a lot of panic during the first few minutes. Messages have been seen on social media that portray that the cabin crew was very brave and that they continuously tried to keep the passengers calm.


Delta has offered its apologies to the passengers for the delay that was caused.

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