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IconNovember 22nd, 2022
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Brussels Airlines Recognized the Belgian Women’s Football Team With Their Newest Special-Edition Livery

Brussels Airlines is releasing a Trident special livery to commemorate the Belgian football team, the Red Devils. The new Belgium Icon is dedicated to both the male football team and the red women’s team, the Red Flames.

A new livery for gender equality

Brussels Airlines is the first airline to fly a special livery dedicated to Belgium’s National Men’s Football team across the world. The company did so in time for them to win many international championships, including their European Championship victory in Bordeaux in 2016 and the World Cup victory in Russia in 2018. Brussels Airlines unveiled its new Belgian theme for their airplanes in October of 2022. What set the design apart from previous ones was that it represents not just Belgium as a nation but also as a community. The livery on the aircraft is designed to represent a trident, and is symbolized mainly by the red flame logo on the tail. This is what makes this design unique, it represents the blending of both Belgium’s national teams into one community. As one of the largest airlines in Europe, Brussels Airlines is working to make a token gesture in support of gender equality. All they need to do is swap their logo with the Red Devils and fly underneath a red banner that matches their new livery. As a long-standing airline ambassador of both Manchester United and FC Barcelona, Brussels Airlines is honored by the opportunity to continue its partnership with these two great soccer teams. By adding this new livery, Brussels Airlines wants to show how the ambassadorship between these two teams is equally important for them. CEO Peter Gerber also added that the new livery encourages a message of gender equality in all spheres, not just professional football:

The Community Welfare Fund is not complete until we’re all together.

At the official ceremony, Belgium’s national soccer team captains revealed their new country’s flag, which was to be unfurled at this year’s World Cup. This ceremony was attended by Brussels Airlines employees, members of the Red Devils and Royal Belgian Football Association. Brussels Airlines turned to well-respected XXXL airbrush artist André Eisele for an eye-catching new livery for its brand’s anniversary. The team worked with the artist to create clever takes on their favorite airlines, from classic European heritage to Belgian cartoon protagonists. Three special liveries were unveiled so far: one for the Red Devils, another for a beloved Belgian artist and lastly, “The Adventures of Tintin.” When Peter Bossaert, CEO of the Royal Belgian Football League, found out that Brussels Airlines was interested in partnering with his organization, he welcomed the decision. Believing that both groups shared similar values, he appreciated the partnership and felt a strong connection to the airline. In “This Trident,” the Red Devils may be the focus or focal point of the work, but the Red Flames are given as much prominence as them. The work is a great example of that. With a new special livery set to debut tomorrow, Airbus a320 SN3633 will take off from Brussels and head to Paris, on November 16th.  

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