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IconNovember 21st, 2022
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British Airways Begins Biometric Boarding Trial for Select International Flights

Biometric boarding on international flights

British Airways is now the first airline in the United Kingdom to experiment with biometric technology on international flights. They’ll ask passengers who wish to participate in the trial of their boarding pass, face, and passport scan before travel. The information will be kept safe and secure in a process operated by facial recognition software. Terminal 5 of London Heathrow Airport will be home to the new trial. There, a pioneering new automated system scours travelers to verify their identities in less than three seconds. British Airways Operations Transformation Manager highlighted the importance of the new trials for the first time ever. British Airways is continuing their technology revolution by allowing their passengers to use their biometric information, which they’ve collected from credit cards and frequent flyer programs, instead of their travel documents. “A machine that looks for any irregular wheel movement and triggers emergency braking in a close-call situation is an essential part of making the busy airport experience smoother and safer.” – David Breeze, Operations Transformation Manager, British Airways. When you sign up for our services, we combine your content with the latest data to create a global influencer marketing campaign that’s ready to go. Let us handle all the work while you focus on what’s important-running your business! British Airways has added a new trial to their flight offerings. Passengers are being selected at random to be part of the trial and will receive an email three days before their departure. Passengers who opt-in to the trial will receive complimentary priority boarding and a Fast-Track security lane. First UK airline to offer a biometric identification system for boarding British Airways was the first airline to introduce an automated “self-boarding” process in June 2017. After testing it successfully at three gates in Terminal 5, it was ultimately brought to all gates throughout the airport in September of the same year. British Airways recently launched a biometric system that takes a digital scan of passengers’ faces as they go through security. The system then matches the passenger’s face scan with their boarding pass at the gate, so everyone is on the same page before getting onboard. By the beginning of June, Air France had already added biometric screens to three 

The first Airbus A350 to Cape Town

domestic gates per week and they were considering adding it to international flights as well. British Airways aircraft made its first-ever flight to Cape Town last week. Beginning on November 20, the airline is doubling its service from London Heathrow to Cape Town. The addition of these flights means that British Airways will now offer service twice daily to Cape Town, as well as three weekly flights from Gatwick. “This is a secure and efficient tool, which makes for a smarter and smoother airport experience. With the addition of this technology, our people are freed up to take care of more complex customer enquiries as well as delivering great service.” – David Breeze, Operations Transformation Manager, British Airways.

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