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Which Airlines Will Be Showing Live World Cup Matches on Flights?

When it comes to traveling for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, you might be wondering how and whether your flight will allow you to enjoy live matches. Here are the different airlines who provide this service.

Flying 40,000 feet would result in the best view of the FIFA World Cup

In 2022, the start of the 2022 FIFA World Cup will happen in just around the corner. Sports events like this are a source of a lot of joy and excitement for many people. But what if someone is traveling by plane when their favorite team is playing? Airlines worldwide are well aware of the relevance of entertainment options for passengers. Today’s travelers want to remain in contact with what’s happening on the ground, so several carriers have signed deals with live tv providers. Sport24, the only live sports channel available on airlines throughout the world, is one of these.

Live games of FIFA are broadcast on the roofs of about 1,000 airplanes

Sport24 is one of the most accessible FIFA World Cup broadcasts available. Whether you’re in-flight or on the ground, Sport24 will bring the action onboard hundreds of aircraft worldwide to your fingertips through its in-flight channels. This service is offered exclusively by Panasonic Avionics with its Live Television service, and 575 aircraft flying between them offer Sport24. To help celebrate the FIFA World Cup 2018, airlines whose systems include Sport24 will offer more than 125 hours of live World Cup coverage. This includes all 64 matches, live broadcasted on their networks, plus highlights shown throughout the game and regular repeat matches on Sport24. When it comes to airline entertainment, Emirates provides the best in class with its digital screens that provide interactive content and unparalleled on-demand playback. Etihad, JetBlue, and Singapore Airlines also offer live options. Despite the powerful competition in this nascent industry, Panasonic’s live television service event provides a pleasant distraction for those looking to keep up with the action of live matches. The 2022 FIFA World Cup is quickly approaching, and the official airline partner of the tournament, Qatar Airways, will offer different travel packages to match it. As one of the leading airlines in the world today, they will provide you with a fulfilling experience from your departure point all the way through your arrival at Doha Airport.

How are airports preparing for the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

There is an increased focus on sport as the next big global sports event. In some cases, airlines are adding new flights, upgrading existing ones and developing loyalty programs in anticipation of the upcoming competition. Amongst the many airlines that fly to Doha, some have planned on expanding the number of services to it. Either increasing frequencies or using larger aircraft will add capacity to existing schedules either by increasing from 18 scheduled flights per day or by adding a third of seats on each flight. British Airways will change its schedule for flights from London Heathrow with Qatar’s Airbus A380 aircraft, adding an extra overflight. Aerolineas Argentinas is the name of the Argentinian national airline, offering service to Doha on match days. It’s important to note that their flights depend on how well the national team will perform. Currently aerolineas has planned six charter flights for each of the games and a seventh extra flight if Argentina qualifies for more than one round. Fans will be able to buy a ticket for these charter flights to follow their national team during the World Cup.

Do you see a football world cup? Airlines see the potential for revenue from additional seats

It is estimated that millions of people globally will take a flight to follow their national team at the FIFA World Cup. Many people looking to travel are now willing to spend more on flights than ever. Airlines are taking advantage by increasing their capacities and offering special deals for soccer enthusiasts traveling for the World Cup. Also, as for those airlines broadcasting live matches, they pull out all the stops to get the largest share of the market, including marketing strategies and product upgrades.

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