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Delta Airlines Proceeds With Introducing Digital Health Passport

Across the world, airlines are working persistently to tackle all the challenges being experienced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and to also adapt to the ever-changing travel industry. In line with such efforts, Delta Airlines has begun advancing with the build-up of its resources to guarantee easier international travel. The carrier has started a new testing partnership that allows customers to place orders for at-home tests and promises that very soon, passengers traveling to the United States will have the ability to upload their negative COVID-19 test results online, which will be used for clearance upon entry into the US.

A month ago, a negative COVID-19 test result was made one of the requirements to enter the United States. To this effect, Delta Airlines became partners with TrustAssure to provide travelers the ability to upload and verify their travel papers directly at check-in.

Delta Airlines has now confirmed that it still intends to move forward with that plan for US-bound travelers to upload their documents at check-in and receive a “Test Verified” screen on a mobile device which is a verification that a negative test has been accepted, and the passenger can be allowed to board. Delta has opted for progressive policies to help in digitizing the travel experience, such as promoting the use of biometrics. The carrier hopes to advance its goal by implementing a digital health passport.

Prior to Delta’s plans, Digital health passports were already existing in the airline industry. Delta’s step forward comes after American Airlines, one of its largest competitors, expanded the usability of its digital health passport, VeriFLY, to all airports.

Delta’s new testing partnership is with AZOVA, for in-home and in-person testing for locations where pre-departure testing is a requirement. These tests can cost as much as $119, and it typically takes up to 36 hours to get a result.

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