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IconNovember 27th, 2022
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Hans Airways Has Announced the Transition to CEO

Just a day after declaring bankruptcy and being in search of a desperate restructuring plan, Hans Airways succeeded in securing investment. The new investment came a lot faster than many people anticipated, giving the airline the green light to launch flights between the UK and India.

Chasing a lack of funds

For context, Hans Airways was nearing its launch date when it netted its first Airbus A330 and started flying test flights previously. They ended up acquiring a lot of employees, including UK cabin crew several months ago which is why the startup was finally able to start operations recently. The bank run had been expected to occur, but it was surprising that the company took this hit so quickly. Hans Airways searched for ways to restructure and preserve liquidity in order to stay afloat. The plan was set to be unveiled by next week at the earliest and included a potential partnership with Emirates Airlines, who would provide financial aid until then.

Having financial viability in your work is a top priority

Hans Airways received its investment package from the Tier 1 bank, and that means it can now move forward to consistently meeting its financial viability objectives. They hope to soon obtain their Air Operators Certificate and be able to launch their airline service. The company is changing with the times, and it’s important to shift when necessary. That’s why we’ve created a new role for me as CEO and Nathan is now COO. Our investors were happy with the change, so we’re on our way to a bright future. “I am delighted to be partnering with Nathan and his fantastic team to improve the level of service on Hans Airways. I look forward to helping Hans get back on its feet and continue supporting their future.” The North American airline restructured their Board in order to provide a better experience for them and their stakeholders. They shuffled around some of the Board members including Dr. Barry Humphrey, Jane Middleton, Dr. Peter Malanik, Kirpal Jass, Indervir Jass, Satnam Singh Saini and Nathan Burkitt. Hans Airways faced a difficult situation in the recent past, but they were able to pull through. Now faced with another financial issue, Dr. Humphrey is not worried because he believes that Hans Airlines is strong enough to fly through it. Start-up companies have their share of difficult challenges, like setting up a new airline. Hans Airways has achieved everything it set out to do with the expansions in demand for specialized air services between the UK and India from both charter and traditional routes, which was strong enough we’re confident that it can finally launch.

Bottom line

Hans Airways is scheduled to receive its Air Operator Certificate on the first of February next year and follow with first commercial flight services in March. For now, the airline has only announced Birmingham-Amritsar as their first destination, but what will happen after remains to be seen. Hans Airways plans to compete against international airlines such as Air India, so it will be cool to see them try and surpass them.      

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