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Hundreds of Passengers Reported Delays on Sunday After More Than 7,000 Flights Were Canceled Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend in Chicago

Millions of passengers across the United States were impacted by storm activity yesterday. Due to this, thousands of flights were delayed, and millions of people are returning from Thanksgiving travel.

Stocks were halted today across the United States

Sunday following Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the year because more than 55 million Americans are expected to travel over 50 miles from home alone. Yesterday, 7,000 flights were delayed and 178 were canceled because of storms around the country. At the time of this writing, more than 2,000 flights across America were delayed today, with 70 being canceled. On Sunday morning, a large storm got underway in the Mississippi River Valley with heavy rains and gusty winds. In cities like New Orleans, Atlanta, Nashville, and Birmingham, there is a threat of heavy rain through Wednesday. Tomorrow morning in the Central United States, 25 million people will be at risk for hazardous weather. JFK Airport, one of New York’s busiest airports, tweeted on Sunday ahead of flights. The airport advised passengers that they should arrive early because of anticipated delays.

The busiest travel day since 2019

Travel by air has become exponentially more difficult during the pandemic due to heightened security measures and the risk of spreading the virus. Data has shown that the busiest travel day since it began was on Sunday, with almost 2.6 million people passing through TSA checkpoints throughout the United States, and 22.2 million passengers transported through carriers nationwide by United States airlines–lower than expected, about 5.5% lower than in 2019. Thanking aviation workers from all around the US for their effort in keeping delays and cancellations to a minimum, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg praised them for their commitment on Saturday. As far as air traffic is concerned, traffic at airports suffered a lot less than Monday last year.

United has the third-busiest Thanksgiving

United Airlines had an impressive performance when it came to on-time arrivals during the Thanksgiving travel period, according to the email they sent to Simple Flying. They achieved 86% of their flights on time, with 100% executing on Wednesday, November 23.

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