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There Are Potential Airline Strikes Worldwide That Could Create Some Holiday Chaos

Airlines are preparing for a busy December, and some have been striking if contracts are not renewed soon.

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Flight attendants and air crew members from various airlines across France are threatening strike action from the 23rd to the 25th of December. The SNPNC-FO union, which represents these cabin crew, has already said there is a “very high chance” of a walkout on December 25th if easyJet does not increase pay. We’re not 100% sure when the proposed strikes will begin, but if they do take place it’ll be because of a few bad terms in the offer easyJet has given. They’re not being paid fairly, so they want to fight for what they deserve. As a result, airline managers are going to be held responsible for any disruptions that might occur.

France is home to the famous Paris International Airport

Air France staff may also walk out. By filing a strike action, their union and the group of employees they represent are intent on striking during two major holiday seasons. Over this course of time, from December 22 to January 2, Air France’s schedules will be interrupted. The unions representing Air France’s current cabin crew believe that the Collective Agreement was not extended this fall. Though it expired at the end of October and has made negotiations more difficult, they’re still going to push for progress on this point. Cabin crew find themselves frustrated by working conditions. The airline wants to set a ratio where they have 48 flight attendants instead of 52, and to only have one flight attendant on each flight that seats 51 people. The unions are fighting for the ratio to be brought down to one cabin crew for every 36 passengers hence 34. Air France counter offered 34, but the unions did not accept. They stated that their previous proposal would put cabin crew safety at risk, thereby, jeopardizing safety practices. Some businesses are grappling with high inflation rates during this time of economic turmoil. Air France is one company that’s struggled to keep its staff from walking out. The unions have suggested a solution by proposing a temporary holiday increase.

TAP Air Portugal

TAP Air Portugal will go on strike next month, following its inability to reach a new agreement with its cabin crew. The airline canceled 360 flights over a two-day period, and an estimated 50,000 passengers have been affected. Revenues losses are estimated at almost $8 million. Though the jobs of this area were mechanized, which led to a lot of strike activity in the United States. There were negotiations being held between American carriers and their pilots and cabin crew members that ended on October 31, 2019. They continued after pilot strikes in 2006 and 2008. Now, the discussions have stalled, which has generated uncertainty amongst American carriers.

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