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In November 2016, Thai Airways announced that they’d pick someone to replace former CEO, Giorgio June

Thai Airways announced that Chi Eamsiri will become the new CEO, starting February 1st. This change is part of a restructuring plan and the airline believes Chai to be the most qualified candidate for this position.

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Thai Airways has chosen Chai Eamsiri from a pool of 53 candidates. This group consisted of internal and external candidates, with some having more experience leading companies than Chai. The company believes that it chose Chai because of his 37 years of experience in the Thai aviation industry. He was also an internal candidate due to his current title as Chief Financial Officer for Thai Airways. Thai Airways announced this weekend that Chi Eamsiri will become their new CEO beginning February 1. The company noted that Chai is the most qualified candidate for the role and also, it’s a crucial part of the restructuring of the company with a focus on high-quality standards.


After interviewing numerous internal and external candidates, Thai Airways selected Chai Eamsiri as their new CEO. This pool consisted of both internal and external candidates, some of whom had more experience leading companies than Chai. The company claims it chose him because his 37 years in the Thai aviation industry is crucial for the future success of the company.

A qualified candidate

This vacancy for the CEO position at American Airlines came with a lot of competition in an attempt to recruit top candidates. So how did they get their top candidate accepted? With our power of LinkedIn! American Airlines just posted the position on their main social media platform and got the job done in no time. Ava Airlines has two positions open for its management team. You must possess a master’s degree or higher, and be qualified to become a member of Thailand’s national air carrier. The company is looking to hire executives that have experience with aviation business, particularly leadership roles. Qualified candidates will be considered based on the following criteria: Thai national/master’s degree, professional experience in aviation industry Thai Airways believes that Chai Eamsiri is the best candidate for the role because he will be able to help the airline stay on track during this important time. If the restructuring process succeeds, Thai Airways will likely become one of the region’s most prominent and successful airlines. In the event that it does not succeed, Thai Airways believes that there are only two outcomes: failure and shutting down operations.

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Thai Airways is in the process of a restructuring to ensure its stability for the future. It’s been a difficult process that has seen multiple hiccups and adjustments. However, the airline is focused on getting through this and has predicted it will be over and done with by 2024. Chai Eamsiri will oversee the fundraising, restructuring, and business expansion efforts until 2027 when he will have to step down from his CEO position due to restrictions in force.

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