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JET2 Diverted Their Airbus A321 to Bilbao So That Passengers Could Make Use of the On-Board Toilets

The Airbus A321 from Las Palmas to Manchester had to make an unscheduled stop in Bilbao so that passengers could use the bathroom. The toilets weren’t working and it took two hours for the flight to continue on its journey. Jet2 flight diverted due to broken toilets Jet2.com flight LS782 departed Gran Canaria Airport at 17:03 UTC and made an east turn, eventually landing at Bilbao Airport at 19:12. Jet2 had a difficult time on their hands when an Airbus A321 made an emergency landing in Bilbao. On top of that, the lavatories were not working properly. The plane took off two hours later. The aircraft, which has four lavatories, reportedly needed its toilet tank emptied due to over 200 passengers onboard. There were approximately two hours of ground time while the plane remained grounded.

A spokesperson for Jet2.com said,

“Yesterday, Flight LS782 from Gran Canaria to Manchester was diverted to Bilbao so that the toilet tank could be emptied. Our loyal customers remained onboard and we arranged for the flight to continue on another day. We would like to apologize if this has caused any inconvenience.” Jet2 Airbus A321 – G-HLYB Jet2.com and Thomas Cook Airlines signed a lease agreement for an Airbus A321 aircraft in December 2021, with Jet2 reserving the plane on behalf of their business customers. Flight LS778 is expected to finally land in Manchester at approximately 06:00 UTC.

What is the standard pattern of toilet symbols?

Jet2 controversy: questions will be asked about why they diverted to Bilbao, given it was already halfway towards reaching its destination. The diversion to Bilbao will have cost the airline several thousands in fuel and airport fees, although it won’t have to shell out compensation on this occasion. Although airlines are required by law to carry portable toilets on board any commercial aircraft, The Independent recently reported that “at least some of the aircraft flying in and out of London Heathrow this morning didn’t have working lavatories.”

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