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KLM and Delta celebrate the 10-years anniversary of their joint venture

At the moment KLM and Delta Air Lines are celebrating that they have been in a joint venture for ten years. These airlines work together in many aspects and their joint venture also includes Air France.  

KLM and Delta Airlines

KLM is the biggest Dutch airline, whereas Delta Air Lines originates from the United States. Their joint venture has opened up the possibility for more and more transatlantic flights. The three airlines mentioned operate 270 transatlantic flights a day. Due to the cooperation all three airlines have seen an increase of passengers of approximately 20%. Clearly, the international airports of Amsterdam and Paris play a very important role in this. The joint venture is now also expanding in to Africa. In practice, the joint venture allows passengers to easily combine flights from the three airlines. Also, they can easily save miles from their flights and spend those with the different airlines. That can save passengers a lot of money and it provides extra conveniences. Also, passengers are often permitted to use the lounges of the other airlines at international airports.

Northwest airlines

Before KLM and Delta started working together, KLM worked together with Northwest airlines, which is also from the United States. Northwest airlines, however, was then taken over by Delta. Delta was already working together with Air France at the time.

The future

Both Delta and KLM have stated that they are still very happy with the cooperation. They see a bright future ahead for all parties. They have stated that they want to continue with improving the customer experience, innovating in general and reaching new destinations and new customers.

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