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Hightlights of the recent aircraft fair in Paris

During the annual Salon International de l’Aeronautique et de l’Espace conference in Paris it has become clear that the focus when it comes to flying is shifting to sustainability. We will discuss some of the newest trends with you.

The Alice of Eviation

Eviation is an Israeli producer of airplanes. They have now developed a full electric model.  This was the first time that they displayed the new airplane to the public. Towards the end of 2019 the first flights will be performed with this aircraft. The aircraft is expected to be for sale as of 2022.

Ampaire from California

Aircraft producer Ampaire from the United States is experimenting with hybrid solutions.  They have announced that they have sold 50 aircrafts with hybrid engines to the American airline PAX. The airline also has the option to buy 50 more aircrafts. Ampaire has also displayed a model of a Tailwind, which is an aircraft that is completely electrical.


At the fair, Airbus, showed a model and prototype of the Vahana. This is an experimental electrical aircraft that can take-off vertically. Amongst other things the aircraft can be used for search-and-rescue operations and for emergency services. The aircraft has already performed its first flight.

The environment

It is not surprising that so much focus is now being placed on making aircrafts more sustainable. Many airlines are working hard at creating more sustainability. For example, many airlines have now almost banned plastic when it comes to the meals that they provide to the passengers. Airlines are also experimenting when it comes to the type of kerosene they use.

Airports are also becoming more sustainable

Airports all around the world are also working hard to play there part in preventing climate change. They are using healthier forms of gasoline for the vehicles and they are abolishing the use of plastic.

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