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The best airlines to fly with if you’re traveling with children 

Traveling becomes more challenging when you’re responsible for little ones. Still, there are several things that you can do to make your trip easier. Of course, parents will know better than anyone else. They are very much aware that red-eye and late-night or even early morning flights should be avoided and make sure that children are well fed before flying. Deciding on which airline should you choose plays an important role in your travel experience. Keep in mind that not all airline companies offered the same services when it comes to traveling with children. Some of the key ideas that will make a huge difference to parents flying with children are keeping them entertained, well-fed and hydrated as well as being happy. Those are often seen as small touches but have a great impact. We’d noted here some of the airline companies that really stand out and go beyond when it comes to the services and small gestures that help in taking the pressure off to parents flying with kids.

United Airlines

This US-based airline company has introduced new features that allow kids on board to have a more friendly experience. It includes a priority boarding for families flying with children under two years old, providing a children’s snack box, and even giving an activity book with a flying bear.


This airline company stands out because they have the most unique offering which is a flying nanny onboard. However, please do note that they don’t provide babysitting service and parents cannot leave their children with the nanny. The role of Etihad’s flying nanny is to provide assistance to get children settled, keep them entertained, and even give advice to their parents. This unique offering is available on long-haul flights. You can also see face-painting and magic tricks onboard.

Alaska Airlines

This airline company provides free kids friendly films and affordable picnic pack snack boxes.


It provides free snacks and drinks for children as well and also pre-boarding to the Cartoon network on some of its flights. It has been seen in the past as it also shows some tricks like FlyBaby flight in 2016. This allows passengers to get 25% off on their future flights when a baby cried.

Air Canada

It has a dedicated family-only check-in area. It also provides meals and backpacks for young travelers on their international flights. Other carriers that are known for being incredibly kid-friendly include Lufthansa, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, British Airways, and Asiana Airlines.  

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