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The best low-cost carriers in 2019 revealed

The stagnant growth of the low-cost carriers since the 1970s is noticeable but not until the turn of the millennium. It was then initiated by Southwest Airlines which is originally known for its large-scale low-cost model. The said company only have one aircraft type in their fleet. This allows them to achieve their plan to minimize staff training and maintenance costs combined with efficient turnaround time. This also enables Southwest Airlines to expand on the business and to achieve a great result on its low-cost model.

Tracing back in the early 2000s, the presented low-cost model blueprint of Southwest Airlines was replicated by Ryanair in Europe and EasyJet. The major difference and advantage are that the low-cost airline companies can now take advantage of deregulation of time since direct booking of flight tickets are now allowed with the use of the internet wherein it further reduce some costs.

To date, the relative cost of flying is already 40% lower if it were to be compared in the early 1990s. It has now growing around the different parts of the world and not only become a major competitor but become much larger than the presence of the legacy carrier that once dwarfed then in terms of size.

In the last decade, low-cost carriers have grown massively in Asia and even Europe and has been part of the majority of travelers’ plan since the pricing is affordable especially on short-haul flights.

The best low-cost carriers have been revealed. Skytrax was able to publish the list of the best low-cost carriers worldwide. AirAsia ranked first on the list followed by EasyJet, Norwegian, Southwest Airlines, AirAsia X, JetStar Airways, IndiGo, Ryanair, Eurowings, Scoot, JetStar Asia, PAL Express, Peach and Vueling.

Air Asia holds the spot for being the world’s best low-cost carrier for eleven consecutive years. This airline company has several plans to continue to expand its long-haul operations and to re-introduce a London route together with its West coast U.S. flights apart from the Hawaii flights that are opening various routes to specified countries. With this, Air Asia has set the standards in low-cost carriers not only in terms of pricing but also of quality service.

It’s still up to the travelers if they will choose low-cost carriers. Besides, they will continue to expand throughout the world. The shift of the short-haul flights of legacy carriers to low-cost is now being evident. They are now slashing the prices down and even services to remain on the game.


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