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The Cologne – Bonn airport can handle far more flights

The Cologne – Bonn airport can handle far more flights Whereas many airports in Western-Europe are lacking capacity, the airport of the cities of Cologne and Bonn can still take on a lot of growth. Especially national authorities are posing more and more restrictions, for example in the Netherlands. This can be concluded based on an interview that was held with the CEO of the airport: Johan Vanneste. This interview was published in the Dutch magazine ‘Luchtvaartnieuws Magazine’.

The situation at Cologne- Bonn airport

As far as Cologne – Bonn airport is concerned there are only limitations when it comes to the amount of flight movements that can be made per day. Besides that, there are only restrictions during the night. In effect this means that unlimited expansions are possible for more flights during the day. At night there are very few passenger flights, primarily to ensure that there is no disturbance for those living in the area. Instead, cargo flights are performed by companies including UPS, Fedex and DHL. In 2019 the airport is expected to see a decline of about a million passengers. This is primarily due to the fact that Eurowings had reduced its number of flights. Also, Norwegian has stopped its activities through the airport. Nonetheless, the airport has high hopes for the future.

The future

Despite this Cologne- Bonn still sees a lot of perspective for the airport. One of its main goals is to attract more long-distance flights, particularly to North-American cities like New York and Boston.  The airport looks at the Dusseldorf airport and wants to become similar to it when it comes to growth and flight types.

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