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Boeing 737 Max will not return in the air before mid-august 2019

Even though Boeing has performed substantial improvements on the 737 Max, the expectations are that the planes will not be in the air again before August of this year.

The following improvements have been made

Boeing has taken the necessary measures to improve the planes. It has primarily attempted to improve the MCAS. MCAS is short for Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System. This system has now been updated. First of all, the update will need to be approved by the international agencies, including the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) of the United States. After the update has been approved then it will still need to be installed in all Boeing 737 Max’s. Earlier it was assumed that the software adjustion would be completed in April, but apparently it will take longer. Also, even if the FAA would approve the adjustments, it is not clear if the 737 Max will also be allowed to fly in the rest of the world. Especially since the incidents with the 737 Max, other countries have been reluctant to automatically take over the decisions of the FAA. They may now apply their own standards.

Earlier accidents

All Boeing 737 Max’s were grounded worldwide earlier this year after two serious accidents occurred earlier this year shortly after each other. The accidents possibly took place after malfunctioning of the planes. After that, one country after another decided to ground the airplanes. Since then Boeing has taken multiple measures to improve the planes so that they will be able to fly again. The losses that Boeing has endured due to this are not yet determined.

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