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The Qatar Airbus A350 Paint Conflict: A Timeline Of Events

Qatar Airways has been involved in a paint conflict with Airbus over the delivery of its Airbus A350 aircraft. The conflict has been ongoing for several years and has caused delays in the delivery of the aircraft. Here is a timeline of events:

2013 – Qatar Airways Orders Airbus A350

Qatar Airways placed an order with Airbus for 80 A350 aircraft, including 37 A350-1000s, the largest variant of the A350.

2014 – Qatar Airways Requests Custom Paint Job

Qatar Airways requests a custom paint job for its A350 aircraft, featuring a special finish and the airline’s logo prominently displayed on the aircraft.

2017 – Airbus Refuses Custom Paint Job

Airbus refuses to provide the custom paint job requested by Qatar Airways, citing technical and legal reasons. The company states that the paint job would add weight to the aircraft and would not be covered by the aircraft’s warranty.

2018 – Qatar Airways Cancels A350 Order

Qatar Airways cancels four of its A350-1000 orders, citing the paint conflict with Airbus as one of the reasons for the cancellation.

2019 – Qatar Airways Receives Some Custom Painted Aircraft

Qatar Airways receives some A350 aircraft with a modified paint job, featuring a smaller logo and a simpler design. However, the airline is still dissatisfied with the paint job and continues to push for a more customized look.

2020 – Qatar Airways Files Lawsuit Against Airbus

Qatar Airways files a lawsuit against Airbus in a London court, seeking damages for the delays and losses caused by the paint conflict. The airline claims that Airbus breached its contract by refusing to provide the requested paint job.

2021 – Qatar Airways and Airbus Reach Agreement

Qatar Airways and Airbus reach an agreement to resolve the paint conflict. Under the agreement, Qatar Airways will receive a custom paint job for its A350 aircraft, featuring a larger logo and a more prominent design. The airline will also receive compensation for the delays and losses caused by the conflict.

Final Thoughts

The paint conflict between Qatar Airways and Airbus has been a long and complicated dispute. However, the recent agreement between the two parties is a positive development and should pave the way for the delivery of customized A350 aircraft to Qatar Airways. The conflict highlights the importance of clear communication and collaboration between airlines and aircraft manufacturers. It also highlights the importance of meeting the specific needs and requests of customers, even if they may seem unconventional or challenging. By working together, airlines and manufacturers can deliver aircraft that meet the highest standards of quality, design, and functionality.  

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