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What are the differences between Weeze and Eindhoven airport?

What are the differences between Weeze and Eindhoven airport?

Eindhoven Airport and Weeze Airport are both airports, but they are located in different countries and have some differences in terms of location, facilities and accessibility. Here are some of the main differences: Location Eindhoven Airport: Located in Eindhoven, Netherlands. More info on airport-eindhoven.com Weeze Airport: Located in Weeze, Germany, close to the Dutch border.

Distance to cities:

Eindhoven Airport is closer to the city of Eindhoven and other surrounding cities in the Netherlands. Weeze Airport is further away from major cities, but it is still relatively easily accessible from parts of the Netherlands and Germany.


Eindhoven Airport is well served by public transport and motorways. It has direct connections to cities such as Eindhoven, Tilburg and ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Weeze Airport generally has less direct connections to major cities. Travellers often have to use a combination of train, bus or car to reach the airport.

Airlines and destinations:

Eindhoven Airport is home to several airlines and offers a wide range of domestic and international destinations. Weeze Airport generally has fewer airlines and destinations compared to larger airports.


Both airports offer basic facilities such as check-in counters, baggage handling, restaurants and shops, but the size and variety of facilities may differ.

Parking Weeze and Eindhoven airport

Both airports have parking facilities, but prices and availability may vary.

Travel experience:

The overall travel experience at both airports can vary depending on crowding, waiting times and service quality. It is important to note that conditions at airports can change, so it is always a good idea to check the latest information before travelling.

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