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IconNovember 30th, 2022
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Air Peace Has Pleased The Aviation Community By Purchasing Two Airbus A320 Airplanes

Nigerian-based Air Peace has welcomed two new Airbus A321neos to its expanding fleet as part of their six-month damp lease agreement with ACMI charter and cargo operator, SmartLynx Airlines. With a larger fleet and increased schedule, Air Peace will ramp up the demand for flights during the Christmas holiday season.

Introducing the new additions

With the two new additions to their fleet, Air Peace has a minimum of four Airbus A320-200s in service. The first is registered YL-LDU, an eight-year old aircraft that was previously operated by South African Airways under the registration ZS-SZH. The plane had been stored at Nîmes–Alès–Camargue Airport in France until July 2021. After CMB Financial Leasing was taken over and ZS-SZH was re-registered, it remained stored at Cornwall Airport Newquay until November, when it became YL-LDU but under SmartLynx as per a leasing agreement with them. The plane had also been reconfigured to accommodate 180 passengers in a single cabin class. The second Airbus narrowbody addition is registered ES-SAZ and started its journey off the production line with IndiGo back in November 2007. However, the aircraft spent only a year in India before being transported to Turkey and re-registered as TC-TCD in December 2008. Then, it was operated by Atlasjet and Turkuaz airlines for just under a year each. Within the next three years until May 2012, the aircraft continuously switched hands and registrations from GECAS, Anadolu Jet, and Turkish Airlines. This was followed by a brief stint for IndiGo in August 2017 as VH-IHG before returning to SmartLynx Estonia in 2021 as ES-SAZ. A final transfer occurred for TUI Airways from May to September 2022 before finally being retired and scrapped in February 2025.

A total of 10

Air Peace recently received three new Airbus A320-200 aircraft, increasing its total fleet to 10! The new Airbus A320 aircraft were leased from SmartLynx, which is based in Malta and Estonia. The SmartLynx factory workforce will soon produce 10 A320-200 aircraft this year. Most of these aircrafts will be used in scheduled domestic and regional flights over the course of the Christmas holiday season. Enough to handle customer demand even during this hectic time. Six Airbus A320-200 aircraft are scheduled to be launched on December 1st. They’ll fly routes between Lagos, Nigeria and Uyo, Benin and Abuja, Nigeria and Uyo. A spokesperson for the company confirmed this by emphasizing that: The British Airways Flight 182 will take off from Lagos and arrive in Uyo on December 1st, 2022. There is a re-launch fare, with fares starting as low as N50,000 (~$113.04). British Airways customers will be able to book their flights through all our booking platforms now that the schedules are live. Air Peace is committed to providing the best service in its industry and will be resuming three-times-a-week flights to Monrovia on December 2nd. The company recently reinstated its Yola service, which they believe will encourage more business to their markets.  

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