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The 10th Boeing 737 to roll off the ramp for Flybondi had a World-Hopping Five Stop Delivery Flight

This week, Flybondi received its tenth aircraft, a Boeing 737-800NG registration LV-KGN with a capacity to carry 180 passengers in a single cabin environment. This aircraft had a long way home from the United States, traveling through five different cities before landing at Ezeiza International Airport (EZE) in Buenos Aires.

The road of the tenth aircraft

On November 23, at around 14:01 (UTC), Flybondi reached 1,000 passengers on its tenth aircraft, a Boeing 737-800NG. For the Argentinian ultra-low-cost carrier, this was a milestone, allowing them to successfully end their arbitrary goal of doubling their fleet capacity and carrying passengers in one year. Flybondi received the aircraft and took it all the way to South Korea. Along the way, they used an expensive 7-hour flight to Seoul and two commercial flights before snagging a 30-hour journey to Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The flights ended up being cheaper than a 20-hour direct flight from Sacheon to Ezeiza. When Flybondi was first setting up the airline, the staff flew between two airports in the form of Japan’s Hiroshima Airport and Anchorage International Airport. After the Anchorage stopover, the crew continued to San Antonio International Airport (SAT) in Texas. After that, Flybondi 737-800 flew from San Antonio to Guayaquil, Ecuador. It took just two days and four flights to complete this delivery segment while making layovers in five different cities on November 22. On Wednesday, the crew operated the last delivery segment, flying from Guayaquil to Buenos Aires which was completed on November 24th.

The history of this aircraft

Flybondi tenth 737-800 is a 12-year-old plane first purchased by Aviation Capital Group in 2006, a leasing company that still owns the type. It was purchased in 2015 and it had two other owners before then – Skymark Airlines, based at Tokyo Haneda International Airport, and T’way Air, based at Daegu International Airport.

What’s next for Flybondi?

The Argentinian low-cost carrier, Flybondi has set new goals of 12 aircraft by the end of the year. They’ll have a few deliveries in November and December. With new Boeing 737-800s to follow next year, Flybondi predicts that it will be able to expand its fleet to 18 aircraft. The last 12 months have seen the carrier add 500 employees, more than doubling its ranks. It currently operates 17 domestic and international routes. Mauricio Sana, CEO of Flybondi says, “We are getting more service licenses in different markets.” The Argentine airline which ended 2018 with a revenue of $200 million and launched 4 new different aircraft in high demand has achieved this feat thanks to their commitment to excellence. In 2019, they are already planning to open another 4 new aircraft having a fleet of 10, and contributing over 200 million pesos in the industry.

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