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IconNovember 24th, 2022
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Akasa Air Tweaks Aircraft Interiors Due to Supply Chain Issues

There are problems with Akasa Air’s next few deliveries. The airline has announced that the overall delivery plan remains unchanged, but for a few months, their 737 MAXs will fly with fewer seats on board than standard ones.

Fewer seats, different upholstery, and no USB

Akasa Air announced that some of their Boeing 737 MAX planes would have only 174 seats. Passengers can also expect to find no USB ports on some of the seats, and a unique color scheme. This is a new configuration that only two of the rows on the aircraft will be converted to. When flying this configuration, passengers in these rows can expect this configuration to have a wider range of space in comparison to typical rows. And because seat selection will remain free for assembly, Akasa expects that each row would cost ₹2,500 ($30.76). Akasa Air-Duty has announced a plan to continue operations at existing prices without changing its pricing strategy. According to their current roadmap with partners, they’ll have a 2×2 seat configuration standardized by our end of the year. With these changes in place, their original 189-seat aircraft will become available for the company’s continued growth.

Deliveries will be unaffected

Akasa Air has placed an order of 72 Boeing 737 MAX planes that fit the CFM engine design. It’s planning on getting 18 of them until March next year, and is not facing any engine supply issues like its competitors, IndiGo and Go First. There’s no need to worry about the seats. Dube clarified that the current modifications won’t have any effect on the company’s overall business strategy and they aren’t planning on introducing premium class seats in the foreseeable future. They’ll reconfigure the 2×2 seats over the next couple of months when their supply chain issues are overcome. 20 aircraft, 197 seats… and all the international routes. That’s what Akasa plans on starting in 2019 when it hits their 20-aircraft milestone for seats.  

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