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Ecuador Has Its 3rd Plane, and It’s Getting Closer to International Destinations With It

More than anything else, the founders behind Equair want to serve peace and liberty. They’ve already started to encounter resistance in their territory with bureaucracy and corruption, but they’re determined to press forward.

New aircraft

Equair, the newest airline in Colombia, announced that they’ve brought their third aircraft online. After clearing some regulatory hurdles, they’re able to go ahead with this flight app and increase their fleet size to better connect people in the region. Flightradar24.com is a website that records aircraft movements and publishes them to the public. With data provided by Flightradar24, we were able to see how the airline’s new aircraft left France on November 8 towards Iceland then to Ecuador via Bermuda on November 13.

Equair’s international plans

The airline, known as Equair, was established in May and began operations in Ecuador earlier this year. It competes directly against the big players Avianca and LATAM. The company currently operates 103 weekly flights according to data provided by Cirium. The company’s main route is Quito-Guayaquil with 42 weekly flights. Despite these immense challenges, it is apparently still on Equair’s radar. In an interview with local journalist Nicolás Larenas, Equair’s CEO said the company is aiming to become the country’s top airline within the next five years. It also expects to keep increasing its fleet size, getting two additional planes, and launching international routes in the near future. Jacobsen has said that Equair is starting with international growth in South America. He plans to reach neighboring countries, Bolivia, Colombia and Peru before expanding on to other regions in the Americas. Nonetheless, he has yet to reveal which countries they’re targeting at this time.

The airplanes

Equair’s newest aircraft, a Boeing 737-700NG with registration HC-CXS, has arrived in Ecuador. The plane is currently under maintenance and will begin operating soon. The Swissair MD-11 is a 14.5-year-old aircraft, which first flew in May 2008, and is set to be delivered this same month, according to data provided by ch-aviation. The plane has a capacity for 148 passengers in a single-cabin distribution, and is currently owned by the leasing company Macquarie Air Finance. This 737-700 used to fly for TUI until 2008. From 2008 to 2018, it flew with Equair. In that span of time, the plane operated services in Germany with the registration number D-AHXJ. After being in Germany for a decade, the small aircraft went to the Middle East. Wings of Lebanon (WOL) flew it for about three years before it went away due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. It has been two years now but after a little more than two years of searching, this legendary plane has found a new home in South America, landing at Puerto Rico International Airport in late August 2019.

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