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The Summer Will Consist of 13 New Routes From Minneapolis to Sun Country Destinations Starting June 12th of 2019

Sun Country has added 13 new routes to their current total of 78 from Minneapolis Airport. Seventy-two of the thirteen new routes are brand-new for the carrier, with no direct competition and eight emerging markets. Four of the routes are head-to-head with competing airlines.


The routes through the Sun Country Airlines website for New York JFK can be found below. Beginning in June 1999, flights between the airport and your destination were offered almost continuously until January 2019. There are 2.2 million airline passenger trips between the two in this period, with Minneapolis to Detroit being served regularly until November 2001. To Kansas City, Sun Country has benefitted from the exit of Southwest (ended May 2020). Sun Country recently announced that they’re adding 13 new routes from Minneapolis. 12 of the 13 are brand-new services with no head-to-head competition and services that’s less than 20 years old. Four of the thirteen have no competition at all, with one being a unique service offered by Sun Country.

13 coming Minneapolis bus routes

The routes below were taken from Sun Country’s website and organized, in descending order, by the date on which each route was served. The longest continuous contact period is for New York JFK over the time span of June 1999 to January 2019 – 2.2 million passengers in total. Minneapolis-Detroit saw a period of service starting in November 2001 and lasted until May 2020 – it’s so long ago that it doesn’t count in terms of its total number of passengers. The delivery date for Kansas City is not yet known, as Southwest has exited rather than renewed their contract – but Sun Country will gain from this exit due to commencement being so far off in the future.

Atlantic City and Wilmington are two cities in New Jersey

Scheduled Minneapolis flights don’t exist in Atlantic City. But, given that there is no hub carrier in Atlantic City (instead of flying with somebody else), the data on what passengers do and flying elsewhere isn’t good: most people take a car instead. Between January and September of 2022, North Carolina’s airport had about 8,000 passengers from Minneapolis, all flying via a hub. In the full year 2019, about 12,000. Running between June 1st and September 4th, Sun Country Airlines will have 28 roundtrip flights to Minneapolis-Wilmington during its peak season.

Summer travel routes in Minneapolis

As of November 15th, Sun Country Airlines expects to serve 76 airports from Minneapolis next summer. Las Vegas has the most flights, followed by Orlando, Fort Myers, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Cancun, Tampa, Denver, and Miami. In joint tenth place is Eau Claire (which begins on December 1st) and San Diego.

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