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‘Bomb’ Scrawled on Tissue Paper Found on Indigo Plane

When an aircraft is traveling from one country to another, the crew is trained to be on high alert. After landing at an airport, anyone found with suspicious objects has followed the appropriate protocols before declaring the aircraft safe.

The bomb scare was an unfortunate event on Monday, September 11th

IndiGo flight 6E379 is a scheduled service between Kolkata (CCU) and Bengaluru (BLR) departing at 5:40am and arriving at 8:15am. It takes roughly two hours to get there, most frequently operated by the company’s Airbus A320neo. On Sunday, IndiGo launched a new route, with an A321neo being deployed on the same day. This flight was routine, and didn’t have any issues until it touched down at Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport. More than 200 passengers had deboarded the flight, and one of the cabin crew members found a note with “bomb” written on it behind one of the seats. Since the word “bomb” was written on it, they immediately contacted the airport police and “The airline was notified on an anonymous bomb threat and then immediately isolated the aircraft from the parking bay. They conducted random checks as they came across a threatening note written in blue ink, which said ‘BOMB’.

The company filed a complaint with the FDA

A bomb squad was called in to investigate the flight after authorities found something suspicious about one of the aircraft’s engines. After passengers disembarked, the empty plane was thoroughly inspected by dogs trained to detect explosives. It was sanitized before it could be flown again. After following standard operating procedures, the airport was cleared and one of the passengers is on the police radar. IndiGo lodged a formal complaint with the Airport Police Station and filed an FIR under specific sections as directed by court. On November 28, the aircraft was flying from Delhi to Bengaluru when it crashed along the Yamuna river.

Observed incidents

This year alone there have been numerous bomb threats, but in August a Chennai-Dubai flight was delayed after the control room received an anonymous call about a bomb on the plane. The call turned out to be false and the flight took off as expected. In October, a Mahan Air Airbus A340-600 en route from Tehran to Guangzhou was flying over India when the pilot contacted air traffic control to report receiving a bomb threat. The plane landed in Jaipur and the pilots decided to continue onwards. When airline passengers make bomb threats during a flight, it’s impossible not to become tense. Fortunately, this passenger on the Singapore Airlines flight from San Francisco to Singapore made their threat after 12 hours of traveling and nearly 17-hours into the journey. Security forces quickly escorted them into Changi Airport when they landed. As law enforcement continued to investigate, it became clear the threat was a hoax. The guy who made the call then received a four-week sentence for the assault, though he eventually had charges related to the fake bomb threat withdrawn.  

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