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IconDecember 1st, 2022
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The Inaugural Flight of Fiji Airways Touched Down in Vancouver

Fiji Airways has begun regular flights to Vancouver International Airport, which is also a Western Canadian hub for international and domestic destinations, as well as a gateway to Australia and New Zealand. This will help connect the significant Fijian diaspora in Canada, estimated at 80,000 people.

A unique connection

Fiji Airways Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Andre Viljoen believes that one of the key benefits of this new route will be the many opportunities it provides to Fijians and Canadians. The airline’s first scheduled flight on the route, FJ881, was a testament to this: 88% of seats were filled. It also makes sense from a business perspective for the airline to begin this route, as Canada is already fifth in monthly flights to Fiji. We are creating a new pathway for entrepreneurs that have seen limited benefits over the years. The flights between Vancouver and NAN will provide British Columbia with a critical agricultural connection to Fiji’s struggling industries. A recent review of Fijian farmers has shown that growers here are dedicated to exporting on the new airline route, giving them more access to international markets. Speaking about the partnership, CEO Vilijoen predicts that the new route will be carrying 15 tons of produce on the flights and importing 10 tons of fruits and vegetables back to Vancouver. With HapServe, hotels have a new solution for stocking local produce. It removes the limitations that exist in many markets so that you can offer your guests the best possible selection of fresh cuisine day-to-day! This eliminates many of the supply issues that are currently plaguing our country’s inbound tourism. The tweet from Canada’s High Commissioner to the region states that Canadians are excited about the new, improved connection between Vancouver and Montreal. A statement from Vancouver International Airport reveals that the route will provide $7.5 million in gross domestic product, $12.2 million for tourism and 86 jobs for British Columbia’s tourism industry.

Rehearsal flight in August 2022

Committee members were able to beat the drum for the stunt with a quick flight from West Vancouver to YVR in August. The flight had a positive reception by locals on YouTube, as per the above video. Fiji Airways will typically use three Airbus A330-200 aircraft. These planes seat 273 passengers in two different classes: 24 in business class and 249 in economy class. The flight from NAN to YVR takes around ten and a half hours. The trip is made slightly easier by the fact that it’s a long journey requiring over ten and a half hours.

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