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IconDecember 4th, 2022
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Alaska Airlines Receives FAA Funding For Winter Operations

The FAA and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) have both been engaged in an ongoing effort to help airports prepare for snow-related events. This is a key part of their Airport Improvement Program (AIP) which helps keep flight cancellations at bay and traffic moving on a smooth path.

Warrants and Scholarships awarded over $76.2 million in grants

This year, the Federal Aviation Administration has awarded it a total of $76.2 million in grant dollars for snowplows, de-icing equipment construction and new or upgraded buildings where winter preparation kits can be stored. Additionally, these grants have been granted to airports in order to fulfill their responsibilities with the delivery of those tools that are necessary to protect passengers flying into the United States. Without the necessary funds to maintain North American airports, winter weather can hinder the aircraft’s ability to take off and land safely. Through this crowdfunding campaign, we’ll raise enough money to ensure that the challenges during winter will not stop our airports from continuing to operate.

Tucson, AZ’s Joe Grant International Airport wins a $3.152 million grant

For Ted Stevens International Airport in Alaska, having reliable snow removal equipment is important. Alaska’s United States Senator Ted Sullivan commented, The airport is a strategic asset to the island, making it important that the infrastructure funds be available. I was pleased to hear that these funds will be designated for reserving and providing the necessary airport infrastructure.With the help of grants and donations, the airport has been able to redevelop taxi lanes, rebuild taxi ends, and rehabilitate an apron used by aircraft for parking. One of the intriguing and interesting facts about Anchorage airport (ANC) is that they have three runways allotted at over 10,500ft. As well as that, they have approximately 33 million square feet of airfield pavement. Some good news: they also have a snow plan in place to handle these conditions without delay during a storm. We haven’t seen the airport close due to a snow event yet. When tested by “severe ice storms in late December,” lead manager Todd Lindseth explained that “The events were significant enough to shatter historical records in terms of deicing products used to keep the airport open and operational.”

GFI Airport receives grants for a de-icing pad

Great Falls International Airport in Montana needed a de-icing pad because aircraft often discharge de-icing fluid during the winter. If they didn’t, that fluid would enter the local water supply and make it unsafe. The easiest solution is to recycle the de-icing fluid through de-icer pads and other recycling methods. The Great Falls Tribune reports that its main goal is to secure funding for the planned airport dive pads. The article goes on to note that the project would resolve issues caused by the extreme cold recently experienced in Great Falls and help de-ice aircraft away from ground traffic.

Senator Tester,

Montana’s booming economy provides continuous opportunities for people and companies looking for a new place to live or start a business. The state’s current infrastructure is not keeping pace with the need, which is why it’s so important that airport facilities are brought up to speed. This will help increase flights in and out of Montana, allowing the state to stay connected and support good-paying jobs for years to come.  

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