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Plant-Based Ramen Arrives On ANA International Flights

Japan‘s All Nippon Airways announced Friday that it will introduce vegan options on international flights starting next month. The airline will offer two vegan dishes instead of the popular dish they’re replacing. The airline partnered with Ippudo Ramen, a ramen restaurant chain, to develop plant-based ramen as an in-flight option. The dish will be included on the list of meal and beverage options that’s offered for first class and business class passengers who fly long and medium international flights starting December 1st.

A taste of Japan

ANA works with many different types of ramen providers to offer a variety of different types of ramen. It works with Ippudo to offer various types of ramen in the first and business class cabins. Some of its most popular ramen dishes include shoyu (soy sauce) soup ramen, called “Furusato,” tonkotsu (pork) soup ramen, called “Sora-ton,” and miso-based noodle, called “Daichi.” Pla-ton is the first plant-based ramen to be released by Ippudo. With their signature pork flavor, it’s ideal for passengers with dietary needs. ANA’s newest food innovation has been released. Tomoji Ishii, the Executive President of Customer Experience Management and Planning, spoke about it. Ippudo is a Japanese staple. That’s why ANA wants its passengers to experience that taste of Japan whether they have dietary restrictions or not. ANA will continue its innovation in between flights for passengers to enjoy their comfort and taste regardless of what cuisine they prefer. It’s important for us to offer options so our customers are happy. ANA and Ippudo strive to offer a variety of menu items to customers who want to vary their choices and fit those tastes and preferences that meet the changing tastes of our society.

Advocating for environmental inclusivity

Ippudo, who’s known as one of the best ramen restaurants in the world, has received word that because of their partnership with the carrier, they got to ‘see into themselves’ and learn about their capabilities. Airline Ippudo has realized that many people live vegan lifestyles, which is why they wanted to expand their plant-based ramen initiative. ANA has been in the spotlight for their efforts to venture into the emerging eco-friendly market. Since they debuted a Dreamliner airplane with eco-friendly paint last month, they celebrated one year of the program by debuting at a 787 Dreamliner painted with special livery last month.

Fine food for everyone

As part of ANA’s “universalization of food” ambitions, it recently introduced new healthy and vegetable-based meals to its inflight menu. “We’re committed to providing inclusive meal options for our customers and ensuring that they have the best experience on-board,” Ishii said. “Thanks to our creative team, we’ll be able to provide innovative food items for all of our customers, as well as supplying a range of options so that everyone can find what they are craving.” In October of 2021, ANA debuted diabetic and low-fat options in its economy class. In March, they began offering a new rice bowl with a plant-based meat alternative in the business class on select international routes. The stars came together for a collaboration of vegan and vegetarian foods – called the ANA Passport to Delicious Menu.  

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