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Avianca Unveils a New Retro Aircraft With a New Logo

Last Thursday, Avianca introduced a third and final vintage aircraft, featuring the same livery as its fleet of LACSA flights. The Costa Rican airline existed between 1945 and 2017, but when Avianca decided to end the brand and merged it into its ranks, it ceased to exist.

A third retro livery

Avianca has started painting a retro livery on its Airbus aircraft. The logo of the former TACA, which existed between 1931 and 2009, was painted on the side of an Airbus A320. In this week’s announcement, Avianca proudly introduced a vintage aircraft with the livery of LACSA. The Airbus A320, registration N821AV that they chose to paint with the LACSA livery is part of the history and legacy of Avianca Costa Rica. Viviana Martin, Avianca Costa Rica Manager and Director of Inter-institutional Affairs at the company, said that as part of its 40th anniversary celebration, Avianca is celebrating its Central American roots with a new retro LACSA aircraft. She added, Pura Vida is now more than just a phrase to us. We are proud to be an important player in Costa Rica’s connectivity, and to take ‘Pura Vida’ – the characteristic joy of the Costa Rican people – beyond our borders, promoting tourism to the country.

The aircraft

Avianca’s new design is one to behold. The tail of the aircraft has a complicated blue and white pattern that resembles the Costa Rican flag. In fact, we can read on the back section of the fuselage “Costa Rica Lacsa” in place of “Avianca.” Finally, in front of the logo we can find a more traditional Avianca logo. The plane chosen by Avianca is a US-registered aircraft, N821AV. This aircraft was delivered by Airbus in September 2011 and has the capacity to transport 180 passengers in a two-class configuration, 168 in economy and 12 in business. The leasing company Avolon owns the aircraft.  The plane will fly from Bogota El Dorado International Airport (BOG) to Panama City Tocumen International Airport (PTY). The plane hasn’t operated since November 12, when it was on flight TA9950 from San Salvador and Guatemala City.

The other two retro liveries

In 2019, the year of their 100th anniversary, Avianca decided to paint one of their new aircraft in a vintage livery. The first one painted was an Airbus A320 registration N567AV. It has a 1950s-style tail markings and logo that says “100 Avianca Airlines”. The second retro livery was painted on an Airbus A320, registration N567AV. It features the livery of Central American company TACA. Avianca changed their company logo for the second time in 2018 after merging with other airlines. It would be interesting to see if Avianca decides to introduce an Aerogal livery in the future.  

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