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Belgium closes its air space for Boeing 737 Max aircrafts

At least till the end of December of this year, the Belgian air space will be closes for all 737 MAX aircrafts. This closure entered in to force on June 27thof this year. The Belgian authorities state that they have taken this measure because they had been informed that, yet another problem had been found concerning the Boeing 737 MAX. All around the world Boeing 737 MAX airplanes are not allowed to fly. That is the case with all passenger flights. Airlines are permitted to perform so-called ferry flights, for example in order to get the empty planes to their home base. Now, ferry flights are also prohibited, at least in Belgian air space. A few weeks a go other authorities in Europe had already refused entry to a Boeing 737 Max. This was a so-called ferry flight.

Earlier accidents

All Boeing 737 MAX aircrafts where grounded earlier this year after two accidents took place. These accidents took place in Africa and Asia. Conclusions were soon drawn that the accidents had occurred due to a technical problem with the Boeing 737 MAX. Soon after that, one country after another, grounded the aircrafts. A number of times Boeing announced that the airplanes would be back in the sky within a few months. However, new problems keep occurring and therefore it is unclear when the airplanes will return. Both for the airlines affected and for Boeing, this has clearly been a very expensive experience. The production of Boeing 737 MAX’s has always continued and therefore the airplane producer has now stored the aircrafts through the United States.

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