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Head of Boeing 737 Max program resigns

Eric Lindblad, who was responsible for the development of the Boeing 737 Max, has resigned. Lindblad has been a CEO with the company for 34 years. According to the airline, Lindblad is leaving because he wants to retire, and it claims that his departure is not directly linked to the problems concerning the Boeing 737 Max planes. Eric Lindblad himself has not responded to his departure and his reasons for leaving.

Earlier accidents

Early in 2019 two Boeing 737 Max aircrafts crashed in Africa and in Asia. Investigations led to the aircrafts being grounded all around the world. The aircrafts have not yet returned to the sky, also because more and more problems are becoming apparent. Both accidents were originally caused by a problem with new software in the automatic pilot. The problems occurred with the MCAS, which is the short for theManeuvering Characteristics Augmentation System. This software is necessary to ensure that the plane does not stall. However, more software problems Only recently, United, a US airline, declared that it would not be flying with the airplane in the next two months, forcing it to cancel thousands of flights in that period. Also, Belgium completely banned the aircrafts from its airspace. This despite the fact that, officially, ferry flights are permitted. In the meantime, Boeing is convinced that the aircrafts will return to the sky and it is continuing production. This has amounted to a substantial number of Boeing 737 Max airplanes being parked at Boeing. Also, more and more airlines are buying Boeing 737 Max aircrafts again. They say that they have regained trust in the aircrafts.

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