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Luggage problems at the international airport of Dusseldorf

In the past week Dusseldorf international airport has had to charter two freight planes to bring suitcases and other luggage to passengers who had lost their suitcases earlier. Also some of the luggage was transported in other passenger aircrafts that were leaving for the same destination.

Earlier problems

Earlier this week there were luggage problems as there was a problem with the luggage system. All together about 3.500 pieces of luggage were left behind at the airport. Luggage had to be sent to passengers on Mallorca and in Greece. The situation was particularly difficult because the summer holidays are currently taking place. That means that there is there are more passengers than usual travelling. On Saturday approximately 20% of the suitcases that should have travelled with the passengers were still in Germany. The airport expects that all passengers will be reunited with their personal belongings this weekend.

Not the only airport

Dusseldorf airport is not the only airport that has dealt with luggage problems during the summer holidays. Recently, the international airport of Amsterdam encountered similar problems. The crisis was so big that even office staff had to help with ensuring that all the luggage was reunited with the owners. At the airport in Amsterdam the problems with the luggage system meant that all the luggage had to be registered by hand. This led to suitcases not being to be placed in the airplanes by time. Similar problems also occurred at Brussels Airport.

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