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Impressive robbery at the airport of Sao Paulo

In less than three minutes robbers have managed to steal approximately 750 kilos of gold, worth almost thirty million euros. The gold was supposed to be flown to New York and Zurich. The Guarulhos airport near Sao Paulo is the biggest and busiest airport in Brazil.

How it happened

The criminals arrived in two cars that had the colors of the local police. There were also wearing police uniforms. The evening before the robbery they had taken family members of one of the employees, working in the storage area, hostage. Two employees were working in the area when the robbery took place. Both employees were also taken hostage and were taken away in the cars. Later, both hostages were released. The police have found a number of cars that seem to have belonged to the criminals, including an ambulance. No shooting took place during the crime and there were no further victims. Footage of the crime has been released on the internet. At this point in time the gold has not been found.

Earlier case

This is not the first crime that happened at a Brazil airport. Just over a year ago there was a big robbery at the airport of Viracopos. Criminals were then able to steal 5 million dollars and other valuable goods. There have been no arrests in this case.


The country of Brazil is used to a lot of crime. Robberies and hostage situations happen daily, especially in the larger cities. Approximately 120 persons a day die because of violence.    

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