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Hundreds of jobs may disappear at Ryanair

Hundreds of jobs could disappear with the Irish airline Ryanair. This is a direct consequence of the problems that have been found with the Boeing 737 Max.

Ryanair & the Boeing 737 Max

In total, Ryanair has ordered 125 Boeing 737 Max aircrafts. It had expected to be able to fly with at least 58 of those by the summer of 2020. Now it is unsure if that will happen. In the most optimistic view, Ryanair will be able to fly with 30 Boeing 737 Max aircrafts in the summer of 2020. Earlier, Ryanair had already informed the public that certain routes would no longer be travelled. The problems for Ryanair will not end there. It fears that it may also have to close bases. If the situation stays the same, approximately 600 pilots and cabin crew could be unemployed by next summer. The problems with the Boeing 737 Max are also causing the profits of Ryanair to decline consistently. This together with the problems concerning the rise of fuel costs, the consequences of Brexit and higher salaries.

The Boeing 737 Max

The problems with the Boeing 737 Max started in early April. Two accidents happened in Africa and Asia with aircrafts of Lian Air and Ethipion Airlines and it soon appeared that the accidents had most likely been caused by problems with the software. Soon after, the aircrafts were grounded all over the world. That is still the case at this point in time. Unfortunately, more and more problems are occurring. Therefore, it is unclear if the Boeing 737 Max will return to the skies, and if so, when. The problems are affecting airlines worldwide. Boeing, however, has continued production of the aircrafts and therefore there are many parked at Boeing bases in the United States.

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