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Delta Airlines, one of the known legacy carriers, Rejoining Airlines for America 

It has been officially announced that Delta Airlines is rejoining Airlines for America or also known as A4A. It is the authorized industry trade organization for the primary passenger and cargo airlines in the United States of America.

According to Ed Bastian, the CEO of Delta Airlines, the company together with its employees is looking forward to rejoining A4A and excited to work jointly with the other airline members to address several issues that have an impact on the customers and the communities being served. American Airlines reiterates that they are committed to the future of commercial aviation and will surely work for hand in hand with A4A to support its projects and priorities like promotion sustainability initiatives, battling with unnecessary passenger taxes and encouraging policies that help in enhancing one’s travel experience.

A4A, on the other hand, is pleased to welcome Delta Airlines back to the prestigious organization. According to its President and CEO, Nicholas E. Calio, A4A will be a much stronger association with Delta Airlines as one of its members. To give you an idea, A4A, as an industry organization, it initiates to work collaboratively with its members, customers, and communities being served while providing effective advocacies for the traveling and shipping public using a single unified voice.

Delta Airline will officially rejoin the organization in 2020 together with Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, FedEx Express, Atlas Air Worldwide, Hawaiian Airlines, Southwest Airlines, JetBlue, United Airlines, Air Canada and UPS.

The said organization has projected that around 47.5 million passengers are expected to fly globally with various U.S Airlines over the given 18-day winter holiday travel period starting from December 19 up until January 15, 2020. Also, around 2.6 million passengers will spend their holiday vacations on the skies each day with daily volumes ranging from 2 million to 3 million. If it will be compared to the period a year ago, there’s a positive 3% increase. To accommodate the 72,000-additional daily expected passengers, several airline companies are ready to offer 80,000 additional seats daily and 884 additional flights per day.

This is a reminder for every traveler that this is the perfect time to fly since airline companies offer affordable airfare and accessible routes. It’s now easier for everyone to attain their dreams of traveling to their must-visit destinations and try out exciting things ahead.

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