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Ryanair has to pay one million euros to Dutch pilots

Eight pilots have taken Ryanair to court. This due to the fact that their labor agreement had been cancelled. The court has decided that Ryanair acted wrongfully to a serious degree in doing so. Therefore, the airline now has to pay. This amount can even add up to more than one million euro’s, as it has not been officially determined yet.

Why is Ryanair to blame?

According to the county, Ryanair has created an unworkable situation for its employees. Therefore, it must know pay. Ryanair has already announced that it will fight this decision in court. This is the fourth law suit against Ryanair that has been one in just a few months’ time.  In effect, the law suit ensured that the labor agreements of the pilots and other staff were restored.What happened before  Ryanair does not fly from Eindhoven airport anymore. The last flight left the airport in November last year. Ryanair claimed that he had to stop flying from this airport due to economic reasons. It thereby forced its staff, that wanted to remain working for Ryanair to transfer to other bases.  And these bases were not elsewhere in the Netherlands, but in Eastern Europe and in Norther Africa. That would incline that the staff would have to move their families and rebuild their live in a new part of the world. After Ryanair announced that it would no longer fly from Eindhoven airport, there were a series of strikes performed by the employees. According to documents that the pilots provided at the law suits, the eventual closure of the airport was a repercussion against the staff for the strikes performed. Clearly, Ryanair does not agree with this.

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