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Sexual intimidation is a big problem amongst cabin personnel

In Germany, sexual intimidation between cabin personnel is a growing problem. This is clearly not only a problem in Germany, as similar investigations show the same results in other European and Western countries. Similar research has taken place in Australia and the USA. No research has yet been performed in the Netherlands or in Belgium.

Almost half of all men and women

According to the research performed in Germany, more than half of the women working in aircraft cabins has experienced sexual intimidation. The exact figure is 52%. Of the men questioned, approximately 44% claims to have experienced sexual intimidation.

What constitutes sexual intimidation?

Different acts can constitute sexual intimidation. Hereby one can consider showing others pornographic materials or touching people in an unwanted fashion. Al together it can be very traumatic for those involved and it should never be tolerated.

The culprits

It is interesting to note that most of the cabin personnel does not claim that their colleagues are the ones that are responsible for the sexual intimidation. In fact, their superiors are the main culprits. They are told to be responsible for approximately half of all cases. Colleagues form the second group of culprits, followed by passengers as the third group.

Pressing charges

All together sexual intimidation occurs far more in this branch then it does in any other one. Also, only about 1 in 6 victims will press charges. It is not clear why so little are willing to press for prosecution. It is clear that measures have to be taken. Not only must the culprits be prosecuted, victims should also be encouraged to press charges and in general more awareness must be established.

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