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US-based small carriers, Frontier and Spirit Airlines divided over how to expand in New York

Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines, known as two of the low-cost carriers based in the U.S, desire to add several flights to New York City. To meet their goal, they integrate a game plan on how to gain access to the region’s securely controlled airports.

Frontier Airlines is based on Denver which chooses to imply the work-within-the-system approach to intensify the additional 15 routes commencing from Newark Liberty (EWR). The said carrier chooses to schedule the new routes outside of the peak hours despite knowing that it’s less than the ideal times. In return, it helps in preventing both congestions and placing pressure on the part of the U.S Federal Aviation Administrations.

On the other hand, the South Florida-based Spirit Airlines has taken another approach. The carrier already asked the court to review the decision made by the said authority last October 2019. It involves the decision of the U.S DOT to sunset 16 peak-hour landing and even take-off rights at the Newark that Southwest Airlines has stopped using since November.

What these small carriers are trying to integrate is the fair opportunity for every airline company that would like to serve the New York Community. It encompasses the three main airports namely John F. Kennedy (JFK), Newark and LaGuardia (LGA). The issue is no longer a new battle for newer and smaller carriers who want to have additional access to the given airports.

To give you an example, Southwest was able to acquire almost 16 peak-hour flights at the Newark through its merger with United Airlines and Continental Airlines in the year 2010. JetBlue Airways together with Southwest Airlines have asked the regulator to mandate Delta Air Lines and even WestJet to give up at least eight slots pair at the LaGuardia as one of the conditions to their proposed partnership. But for Spirit Airlines, it’s not only a fight to get access to New York’s airport. But then in the year 2011, as part of their deal with Delta and US Airways, this small carrier was able to gain slots that aimed in ensuring competition at LaGuardia.

Still, the slots or flights of these small carriers have been seemingly small and played a critical part in terms of their expansion unlike their various legacy competitors like Delta Airlines and United Airlines to name a few.

The governing body, DOT, declined to make further comments on the Newark lawsuit and placed the jurisdiction to the Department of Justice.

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