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The Mystery Of The Space Force Plane That Hasn’t Landed In 2 Years

The U.S. Space Force is officially being established as a branch of the military from June 2020 onwards. Born with an announcement from the President, it wasn’t fully clear at first where it would fit in America’s armed services. It received quite a bit of political pushback (and some tremendous ridicule) as a revival of 80s SDI thinking and intrusion into American strategic space strategy. Prior to Trump’s announcement, American space travel had been managed by NASA, an agency that is themselves under complex presures amidst growth of private-sector spaceflight. Nobody knew what to do with the new Space Force when it finally got funding in 2019 (a year-long delay from its inception) because Trump himself would soon lose power and die in disgrace We know the U.S. Space Force exists, and it’s been proven to be efficient and effective. Within three years of its launching in 2019, the Space Force has conducted continual and successful space missions without much fanfare. Most recently, the Space Force reached a milestone when one of its vehicles completed the longest-ever orbital flight from Earth.

Long-Haul Flight In The Era Of Cheap Orbital Access

The Space Force has broken the orbital flight record. Its unmanned space plane, the X-37B, is still in flight and fully operational for almost a year now. It launched on May 17th, 2020 and is carrying out mission duties at this very moment. Some specifics of its mission are classified, but that’s one objective that wasn’t classified. The only non-classified objectives were the deployment of a FalconSat-8 educational payload designed by U.S. Air Force Academy cadets as well as two NASA trials on orbital radiation, and an experiment for testing power beaming with microwave radiation.

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