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IconMarch 9th, 2023
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Rare ACJ320neo Cabin Renderings Released by Lufthansa Technik

Airbus ACJ320neo cabin renderings released by Lufthansa Technik indicate the type of cabin it will be creating. In addition to providing the highest level of comfort and luxury in modern air travel, the custom interior will be completed by 2024. Last month, the company announced that it would design the cabin of an Airbus ACJ320neo.

Remodeling of the interior

After a private customer offered to share the interior design of their future aircraft, Lufthansa Technik released it. In Lufthansa Technik’s experience, VIP projects are usually kept secret, as each design is tailored to meet the needs of the customer. However, this customer chose to share the interior design of the aircraft. Assuming Airbus can complete the product and deliver it to Lufthansa Technik’s Special Aircraft Services Center at Hamburg Airport (HAM), the new business jet is expected to arrive late this summer. A Lufthansa Technik production team will redesign the interior of the jet once it arrives at HAM. As each piece of the cabin’s interior will be custom-made with a layout just for that customer, each piece will be genuinely unique, since the existing interior will be removed. According to Lufthansa Technik, the project will be completed by spring 2024 and delivered to its new owner by then.

Design to suit your needs

In addition to creating unique aircraft interiors, Lufthansa Technik’s design team takes pride in creating luxurious in-flight experiences for its owner and their guests. The cabins are designed at the company’s Hamburg center, as many of their predecessors were. With the help of the customer and the design team, the cabin was designed to meet the customer’s needs and tastes. The cabin follows a linear layout with an emphasis on privacy. The forward part of the cabin contains a grand open entrance to allow easy boarding. Throughout the office and lounge areas, privacy prevails. In the rear is a spacious and private master bedroom. Michael von Puttkamer, Vice President of Special Aircraft Services at Lufthansa Technik, shared the following information about the new aircraft interior: The aircraft will set completely new standards for narrowbody VIP cabins with its flexible interior and top-notch entertainment system. Despite our world-class design, engineering, and cabin completion expertise, we were also able to convince the customer with our complete tailor-made services package. We are the only company in the world that can offer such a comprehensive package for VIP aircraft from a single source.”

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